2018 iPhone Screen Leaks!

Hey, guys so we are two months away from the release of iOS 12 and the new iPhones, let’s check out some 2018 iPhone Screen Leaks and more.

Screen Leaks

So we finally got the 2018 iPhone lineup and confirms it.

Most importantly it confirms details about the 6.1″ that was rumored way earlier but now we know our truth.

Looking at the 6.1″ it’s going to be a full screen no chin on the bottom area.

2018 iPhone screen leaks

It will be an LCD because of some new technology Apples able to this with an LCD Display.




It also confirms that this new 6.1″ budget end model will have FaceID.

But most importantly the iPhone X(10) 5.8″ and iPhone X(10)+ 6.5″ they do have a thinner bezel.

We heard a rumor way back in March that the bezels will be shrinking and now we can see that this is going to be the case.

The displays won’t be that much of a difference but the feel and the look will be so futuristic and fabulous.

A report by DigiTimes is reporting that in order to make this display possible  Apple had to actually make an entirely new LCD Display controller chip that’s 0.3t vs the old 0.4t chips.

All it does basically it allows you to bring their display closer to the borders and having less bezel.

2018 iPhone Screen Leaks
Digitimes Reports About The LCD Display





No 3D Touch Becoming More and More Likely

More and more reports are showing it won’t be even last year that was the case.

It’s highly doubtful to happen.

Also, a report by DigiTimes says that LG Displays will be used for this years iPhones.

I mean I would love to see a Samsung Display because LG has not a great track record for Displays.

Naming Still Unknown

With almost two months left we still do not have a clue on the name.

Ben Geskin has tweeted that we do not knowing the official naming.

But, most likely the 6.1″ will just be the iPhone and the iPhone x(10) 5.8″ just be called iPhone 10 or maybe the New iPhone 10.

iPhone Has HUGE Unsold iPhone X(10) Inventory

Huge expectations by Apple for sales on the iPhone X and being overpriced has left them with a lot in storage.

That’s why with this cheaper iPhone it will be a better approach for people.

Apple Watch Series 4

2018 iPhone Screen Leaks
Beautiful Renders





It’s not a full-screen display just yet but it does grow in size and its great.

It has rounded corners and matches the iPhone X(10).

LPDDR5 RAM Announced! Coming to Future iPhones

Samsung has announced new LPDDR5 RAM potentially for next years iPhone.

Not only is it way faster it also has a power saving that reduces the power intake by up to 30%.

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