Accessories for the iPad 9.7″ at a good price

Today I will put together all the best and best price accessories together for the iPad 9.7″.

2018 iPad 9.7"
iPad 9.7″ 2018

So now that I have recently reviewed this iPad I would like to review the accessories for it.

The new iPad as an amazing display, so it makes sense to protect it, right? Correct! That’s why this screen protector:

  • By Anchor Screen Protector round edges (0.3mm thickness)
accessories for the iPad 9.7"
Anchor Screen Protector Accessory
  • on Amazon for only $10
  • amazing olio coding

*Note: it does not interfere with the Apple Pencil whatsoever  

For protection, a skin from SlickWraps is one of the best.

iPad 9.7" accessories
SlickWraps Skin wrap

If you like Apples original skins you can use them, but they come at $70 which is not so cheap for most Apple users.

Apple accessories
Apple Silicon Case

Apple Smart keyboard:

  • extremely useful
  • like using a mini laptop
  • gives us great typing experiences
  • about $170

The keyboard is pretty compact, hence will have to get used to it, but in the future should be seeing better versions.

iPad keyboard accessories
Apple iPad keyboard

For anyone on a smaller budget, the UAG Folio Case looks amazing is great and can be detached for Apple Support.

  • only $50
iPad 9.7" UAG Folio Case
UAG Folio Case

The next item I’m reviewing is called:

  • Apple Pencil Cozy
  • $10 on Amazon
  • white and glow in the dark options

It is used to hold your Apple Pencil cap in place so you never lose it again.

There’s also a lighting connector that holds the charging adapter which is great in my opinion.

Apple Pencil accessories
Apple Pencil Cozy

Lighting Adapters by Apple

Lighting to SD and lighting to USB Adapters are great for videos or photo editing on the go. They really bring out that Pro iPad experiencing even though you’re using an iPad 9.7″.

  • Lighting SD Adapter comes at $30
  • Lighting USB Adapter $40

And I must say it is worth it.

Extremely beneficial with things like

  • audio interfaces
  • memory sticks

But to do this you’ll need to use your iPad’s power adapter that came with it. Just plug it in and the other end into the wall.

iPad 9.7" accessories
How to use the accessory of the adaptor

Well that’s it guys, those are my top accessories for the 2018 iPad 9.7″.

Is this iPad good for UNI/College, check out this link!

Hope to see you again next time.

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