Android Pie features We Wish To See In iOS 12!

Android Pie TOP 10 features we wish to see on iOS 12

So the first beta of Android Pie was released yesterday.

And using it for a while I’m quite impressed and I’m sure you will be.

Apple certainly has a lot to learn from this new firmware

So in this blog, I will show what Apple could learn from this new firmware and add it to the upcoming iOS 12 or you can check out my last blog on Android Pie Features.

But it is hard to deny that Android didn’t take some inspiration from Apple.

With the new:

  • gesture controls
  • design

Nevertheless, I must say that they did redesign a lot of other things.

Android has changed a lot but Apples always looks the same old stale for the longest time.

And I would like for Apple just change those little things at least the icons and etc.

So in this modern world of technology, we’re starting to see more phones without a home button, and Android Pie reflects all of this.

Everything is gesture based.

App Switcher

Although it is somewhat similar to the iPhone x(10) experience in the app switcher, if you swipe up more it opens a drawer which would be nice to see from Apple.

Another cool feature is that you can go back and forth between the app switcher with a slider which is really nifty.

Intuitive Volume HUD 

The redesigned volume indicator in Android P is great. It comes from the right it’s really bubbly, very small, a lot of control with it and you can easily dismiss it by clicking on the left of it.

In comparison with Apples, it is in the middle of the display and you have no way of controlling it, you have to wait till it fades away.

Smarter Camera

Googles camera is already legendary I think, now it’s only getting better with machine learning.

Within the app, you will be able to get translations, links and even get some information on what type of food you’re eating.

So we wish Apple takes notes from this.

Improved Text Selection

That is something that looks similar to the iOS version and magnifier, but it’s so much smarter.

When actually looking something up it will give you different prompts, depending on what you’re searching for.

The cool thing is within the actual app switcher you can use text copy and paste it to other apps.

Digital Health

With this google is putting in a lot to this to make their phones healthier.

Using a Digital Dashboard

Android pie vs ios
Digital Dashboard by Google

it will give you information on how much you use your device, which part of it you use the most, how many times you unlock it.

Basically, it gives you a healthy overview of what you need to do better or less of.

It can particularly be useful for kids

Notification Revamp

Yes, the notifications were mostly an envy by most Apple users, but now they get even better.

  •  hold on to a notification
  • will get an option for actual notifications
  • easily enter and choose what  apps can do

Shortcuts after shortcuts…

I think and we wish that Apple should add grouped notifications and organize the mess.

Adaptive Battery and Brightness

Also, Google fixed something I didn’t even realize was annoying me or anyone.

Adaptive brightness will adapt to your habits, adjusting the brightness levels and depending on what kind of levels you get into it will keep those levels where you wanted them.

This way you can avoid going into your display settings all the time.

Also, Adaptive Battery uses machine learning to determine which apps you might use next and which ones it should shut off in the back.

Shush (DND)

So what this is basically improved do not disturb mode. Just flip it over and it won’t make any noises which we already have in iOS.

The next cool part of this feature is you can disable any notifications, sounds or vibrations.

Wind Down (Bed Mode)

Apple certainly needs this feature, it can certainly extend your life by getting you to sleep more.

Unlike NightShift or TrueTone which adjusts the color temperature of your display, this one literally turns it into black and white gradually as it approaches your bedtime. That you have earlier set.

And there it is Android P and its best features. Thank you for coming again.

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