Apple’s No Ports Future

Ports have been a feature on smartphones since their inception — dating all the way from the iPhone 12 back to “dumb phones” from decades before.

We hear long-running industry rumors and if it will be believed, Apple is planning to kill the Lightning port on the iPhone.

This means making way for a completely portless phone.

One of the latest indications we’re moving closer to this port-free life is Apple’s introduction of MagSafe on the iPhone.

After the addition of MagSafe, a wireless future seems inevitable for the iPhone.

Taking a glimpse into Apple’s vision where a cord-free iPhone accessory ecosystem is made possible by magnets, not ports.

Apple makes more things wireless – less ports

Adding MagSafe to its phones, Apple developed AirDrop and iCloud for data transferring.

Apples No Ports Future
No Ports Concept

The mainstream trend of wireless earbuds that were introduced in 2016 the – first-gen AirPods, also were made for a step into this future.

Apple keeps improving wireless charging

After holding out for years, Apple embraced wireless technology in 2018.

Adding support for the Qi-based wireless inductive charging standard to it’s iPhone 8 and iPhone X .

Apple initially limited the power to just 5 watts, but later boosted it to 7.5 watts via a software update.

This was an indication that Apple was regarding wireless charging not as a specialty feature, but as a necessary one.

Now Apple says MagSafe works even faster than Qi chargers.

Its charger now offers twice the amount of power at 15 watts, which could bring it on par with the Quick Charge technology that Android phones have long enjoyed.

No Ports more Durability

Some iPhone users feel Apple is robbing them of perfectly fine input points.

But accusations of forced obsolescence aside, sealing off ports could also make iPhones more durable.

Because the logic is : Having no ports means fewer seams and therefore fewer opportunities for dust and water to get into the phone.

Having a very durable smartphone is what Apple wants as well.

Better differentiate between models

“We expect that the highest-end model would cancel the [Lightning] port and provide the completely wireless experience,” Kuo wrote in a 2019 report.

So by differentiating more between models could make it easier for Apple to command higher prices for its fancier iPhones.

These would target people with bigger budgets and care about being on the cutting-edge of Apple’s technology.

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