Best Smartphone Cameras Of 2018

Cameras. Cameras are important and cameras in smartphones have gotten better and better.

So I have gathered the best smartphone cameras of 2018.

For me, the Pixel 2 has one of the best cameras of last year.

I mean we got a lot of choices from other smartphones but I keep going back to the Pixel 2.

But to be honest there’s not a huge difference between all the best cameras and smartphones.

The top one, two or three are only marginally better than the next 3.

In this blog, we will choose together what are the best cameras of 2018.

The phones are:

  1. iPhone X(10)
  2. Google Pixel 2
  3. Samsung Galaxy S9+
  4. OnePlus 6 and
  5. Huawei P20 Pro

Just a fair warning, the photo you pick might not come from the phone you expected it to be from.

And as you will see in these next few photos that the fire hydrant shifts from red to a more orange color.

Best Smartphone Cameras of 2018
Different  Photos Of Different Cameras-Best Smartphone Cameras 2018






The next photo is of a well lit indoor photo with a subject Camera

Best Smartphone Cameras 2018
Best Smartphone Cameras 2018 Side by Side





Moving onto a railroad track the show more dynamic range but on this overcast day it turns out that this is one of the most similar photos across all the smartphones.

The only difference you can see is the exposure because these are ideal conditions even the saturation of the green leaves and sharpness are all comparable.

Best Cameras Of 2018





This next one is interesting its like look at the natural shallow depth you get from every sensor.

This is not portrait mode.

And the best looking one for you might be the one with the blurriest background or sharpest but obviously, outdoor color and exposure are even everywhere.

So you’re just going to get a better blurrier depth of field with a bigger sensor or more sharpening.

If you look at the grass side-by-side behind that pole that’s where you can really see the difference of depth of field.

Adding some pets with no AI no pet camera, just plain camera mode.

And this one had some massive differences in color temperature just look at the black wall behind the dog.

Cameras of 2018

That black wall is a different temperature in every photo.

Also some contrast differences


One more challenging photo. Slightly lower light but each one has a leaning of a different yellow or blue.

Best Cameras Of 2018

But other than that it’s pretty impressive as each and other looks great.



So after seeing all the photos you certainly made your pick by now.

And here are the phones letters:

A-OnePlus 6

B-iPhone X(10)

C-Pixel 2 XL

D-Huawei P20 Pro

E-Samsung Galaxy S9+

What we learn is that there’s not a big difference between smartphones cameras but they’re actually all similar.

Thank for reading!

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