Cheap Smartphone Gadgets That Change Everything

Cheap smartphone gadgets that change everything!

I have put together 10 cheap gadgets that will change the way you use your devices. For more cheap gadgets and accessories.

Cheap Gadgets You Need

NFC Coasters

cheap gadgets you need

In one pack you get 5 of them.

Each of them of a cheap in them so whenever you place a phone on it connects and do many things like:

  • adjust brightness
  • make a call
  • connect a phone to smart home and change the lights colors.

For only $9.99.

Smartphone Magnifier

It comes with a removable tray and you just place your phone in the tray slide it back in and it triples the size of your phone’s display.

cheap gadgets you need
Smartphone Magnifier

When all the lights are on its a cool experience but it suffers from a bit of glare.

Turning off the lights, however, makes this from a little novelty to a GameChanger.

Also connecting it to a Bluetooth speaker makes your experience even better.

For only $27.98

Wave Cable Bracelet

By the new company infinity, this is the waves. It claims to be the smallest and slickest bracelet.

cheap bracelet cable you need

It doubles as an accessory and a cable for your phone.

There’s so many to chose from like USB c or micro USB also choose a band that wraps around your hand once or twice and different colors.

Price: $28

10 Port Charging Station

usb port cheap

It’s a 90watt 10 port USB charging station. So each of these 10 USB Ports supports fast charging.


On the side, you get a place to place a phone or add a wireless charger.

Price $46.80

NFC Ring

Earlier I wrote down about the NFC Bracelet but if you want something smaller with a built-in chip then the ring is for you.

nfc ring you need

Not the best for a gift but it does the same thing as the bracelet.

Price $9.00


3 in 1 Magnetic Cable

wireless charging

You’ve seen many other cables like this but this one not only comes in a nice bag but gives 3 different connectors.


So if you have an Iphone and Android it’s a great piece to have.

Nice magnetic connectors as well.

Price $18.99

Spider Podium

This item is probably the coolest and most fun thing.

phone stand cheap and fun

The spider podium you can use in many ways as a normal phone stand or do crazy things with it. A lot of fun!

Price: $3.97





Dual UDB Drive (32GB)

USB Drive

This USB Drive has two sides to it, one micro and the other normal USB.

Supports USB 3.0.

Very simple to use and transfer data to your phone or PC.

Price: $13.70

Wireless Charger

wooden wireless charger you need

Now this one looks very nice and supports fast charging apart from all that I just think the design is fantastic.

The nice wooden area metal side and chrome parts make it stand out.

Price: $14.99

3D Camera Lens

3D Camera lens cheap

With this gadget, you can simply stick it onto the camera of your device and make it 3D and use 3D cardboard glasses.

Works on videos too. Amazing!

Price: $4.50



Cable Protectors

Now, this item is not a gadget but more of an extra and useful item I use as well.

These little cable protectors you attach to your phones cable or any other cable and it protects 90% of damages.

At $2.00 it is a great item to have if you’re someone who has trouble with their cables getting damaged. Who doesn’t?

Thanks for reading and for your support!

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