How to find out Your IP address

IP or Internet Protocol is a digital media transport system that runs over standard IP networks, so how to find your IP address?

There is two type of IP address that you actually use.

Every device has a “private” IP address and “public” ones.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to find out private (or local) IP address and public IP address.

  1. Find your public IP address
    You can see your public IP address below:

  2. Find your private IP address, with this simple trick
    Every computer has a private (local) IP address.
  3. You can find out your private IP address with this simple trick.
  4. The way you find private IP addresses varies depending on the device you are using.
    If you are using Windows OS, go to the Start menu, and then search for cmd.

A black window will appear.

IP address how to find it
Using ipconfig on windows operating system

Type ipconfig and then press enter. A lot of info will appear. Check for IPv4 address. On Android OS, the easiest way to find out which IP, is to go to the Wifi settings and then hit Menu > Advanced. If this method doesn’t work, cool way to find out IP is to dial,*#*#4636#*#* and then click on Wifi status.

On iOS, you can find your IP address by going to Wifi settings and clicking on the info button, that is located on the right side, from the name of the current wifi network.

Another method that will work 100% on iOS and Android is to install Wifi info app.

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