How to improve battery life on IOS 11.3.1 tips and tricks

How to improve that battery draining problem and Increase Battery Life?

Tips and Tricks.

battery life tips n tricks
Battery draining on iOS 11.3.1

I’ve gathered together tips and tricks to fix your battery life on your Apple devices.

Now as we all know, iOS 11.3 isn’t amazing with a couple of issues and really draining your battery life.

First of things first is that now in the control center Bluetooth does not turn off. All you have to do is go to:

  • Settings-turn off Bluetooth
how to fix your battery life
Bluetooth ON-OFF on iOS 11.3

So basically what it does is it keeps scanning in the background

Cellular Data

Also, this is best to disable when not in use, but if you’re using it a lot your best option is to:

  • Turn off Wifi-Assist
  • will lose up a lot of battery when on a bad wifi network


Now, this is a big one. All the new notifications you receive and all the push notifications drain up your battery. None used apps best to turn off notifications.


For this one it’s very simple, make sure your wallpaper is set on still and not perspective.

save battery


So Siri on iOS 11.3 has improved and better ability with all your apps but this also drains your battery up.

  • go to Settings-Siri-disable unnecessary apps for Siri

Auto Brightness  

This also is something that lowers your battery life a lot, due to changing always on the environment.

In iOS 11.3 it was moved to:

  • Settings-General-Accessibility-Display Accommodations and
  • disable Auto Brightness

Also reducing contrast could help a little bit. Vibrations also.

I personally recommend is to use your Battery settings and manage it and watch what drains the most battery and keep track.

Location Services 

Here it is best to disable apps that use your location and tracking you. It really uses a lot of battery life.


App Store

For this, it’s best to turn off automatic downloads and also turn off offload unused apps.

It will basically delete all your apps you don’t use in a while.

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