How to Speed up any iPhone 5 Tips!

5 amazing tips to help speed up your iPhone and improve its performance.

First off I have compiled 5 tips for you guys to increase your iPhones speed.

This is mostly for users with older iPhones, hence it is great for newer ones also.

So ever since iOS 7 and up older iPhones have possibly decreased in time with speed and performance.

That’s why today I would like to share these 5 tips to:

  • improve speed
  • performance

tips for speed

Well the first thing I will show is how to reduce your:

  • motion and
  • transparency

The phone actually has sensors for this and the motion is better when you have a newer phone.

You’ll see the background move and shift.

For reduced motion go to:

  • Go to settings-General-Accessibility-Reduce motion
tips for your iPhone
Reduce motion for better speed and battery life

Also for transparency go to:

  • settings-general-accessibility-increase contrast-reduce transparency
tips for the iPhone
How to reduce transparency

The second tip of the 5 tips is shut off automatic downloads.

tips for the iPhone
Disable Automatic downloads

Third thing is to clear out our cache in safari and history.

So if you’re using Safari a lot or google chrome on your iPhone it stores data that builds up over time and goes into the memory.

  • Settings-scroll down to Safari-clear website data and history
tips to clear history
Clear History and data

The fourth that effects me the most is to reduce things you don’t need and by that I mean photos or music or anything else.

Best to do is delete some unnecessary photos or upload them to a different device or computer.

That really speeds up the device.

And finally, the last tip is a little personal suggestion is to shut off your phone if it starts feeling slow and not so responsive.

  • hold power button-slide to power off
  • wait 5 min before restarting

Also, check out my other blog on how to improve battery life and from draining out quickly.

Those are 5 tips I recommend and hope they were helpful.

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