HTC U12+ Full On Review: A Phone With No Buttons!

Here it is guys, HTC U12+ full on review.

HTC has had a couple of interesting years leading up to this new phone.

And this turns out to be the only flagship device with no notch and a couple unique features.

Not available in the US but online for about $849.


First up its design:

One thing that catches the eye is the color of the phone.

For me, the translucent blue is the best and it offers a bit of see-through.

The rest of the colors are:

htc u12+ colors

The whole back of the phone is glass.

But there’s no wireless charging.



But for 2018 the phone has a nice simple design not too many cool things about it but it does have some nice features.

Pressure sensitivity

First of all, there’s a back squeeze and its leveled up and a side squeeze from the U11.  Quick squeeze is one thing and long squeeze another.

Also, pressure sensitivity along the side of the phone to the length of the thumb.

So if you double tap the side of the phone with your thumb it acts as a shortcut to one-handed mode.

If you switch thumbs and double tap with the other thumb you activate one-handed mode on the other side.

But aside from all that this phone actually has no buttons!

The power button and volume button on the side of the phone are not normal buttons but power pressure.

For an example, if you tap the power button the button doesn’t move.

So how do these fake button workout in real life?

Well, it’s similar to Apple’s haptic engine.

When you press the home button on an iPhone you are fully convinced you’re clicking a button. It still feels like you’re pressing something.

But on this HTC it sends out a little vibration so it’s not as nearly convincing.

Also, there’s a slight delay when pressing the power button and the vibration.

Pressing on the volume doesn’t go with ease or by tapping on it twice you need to do it slowly. And it’s not fun at all. I believe for some this might be a deal breaker.

Another cool feature about this phone is the dual cameras on the back but you also get two cameras on the front of the phone.

And these two are only for portrait mode selfies.

The front-facing camera for portrait mode is like on the google pixel, Galaxy S9, and iPhone.

It does a good job and you can blur your background by choice.

Overall the phone is normal for 2018 with high-end specs and pretty conservative but likable design.

It has IP 68 water resistance which is great.

The fingerprint reader is on the back in the middle.

It has a micro SD card expansion slot and has a lot of other things people have been asking for like no notch.

Another thing it has is thin bezels, great build, great display, quality camera and etc.

The only thing its missing is the headphone jack.

Even the dual speakers are a nice upgrade.


The HTC U12+ has a 3500mAh battery which sounds like it should be plenty but its definitely not.

It might be the 6.0″ display or something but I’m barely getting a day out of it.

It charges quickly but the battery life is not good at all.

Maybe a software update could improve it.


HTC Sense UI is on top of Android 8.0 oreo and hopefully with Android P coming out soon.

It’s mostly what you’d expect from HTC a quite with some here and there features.

They added Face unlock.


The camera is very good in the back with a:

  • Dual 12MP (f/1.8, 1.4µm, Dual Pixel PDAF) + 16 MP (f/2.6, 1.0µm), phase detection & laser autofocus, OIS, gyro-EIS, 2x optical zoom, dual-LED dual-tone flash
  • Secondary: Dual: 8 MP (f/2.0, 1.12µm), 1080p, HDR, panorama
htc u12+ camera photos
HTC U12+ Photo

They’re not the most amazing photos but I would put it up in the top 5.







Good detail and color and a shallow depth. But the biggest flaw of the camera is it tends to overexpose things a little bit too bright and not the best dynamic range.

In the end, this HTC U12+ is worthy of your consideration it has top flagship specs and built very well.

The phone is great if you’re an anti-notch person but it falls short for the battery life and no buttons.

The phone feels almost there.

You think you can rock a phone with no buttons?

Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading and coming again!

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