iOS 11.3 and iOS 11.4 tips and tricks You Didn’t Know Existed!

Tips and tricks you didn’t know existed!

With every new version of iOS, there’s always new tips and tricks that you most likely didn’t know about. I will be sharing what I found right here with you guys.


When in messages you can drag and drop stickers wherever you like.

  • use two fingers
  • can stretch the sticker or make it smaller also using two fingers

Hotspot Data:

So let’s say someone wants to use your hotspot data on their devices, but you do not want to share your password.

  • go to hotspot-turn on the hotspot option
  • find on the other person’s device your personal hotspot
Hotspot sharing on iPhone tips
Share Hotspot on iOS 11.3

with this, you can temporarily share your hotspot with someone and not even have to give out your password.


If you’re busy driving or doing something you can ask Siri:

  • Hey Siri-Read me the latest news
  • or you can be more specific and say, change to fox or BBC etc
  • also, have a sleep button allows you to turn off the screen when you fall asleep listening to the news

All under Podcast and iOS 11.3

Now Siri can help you read and hear the news with podcast also.


Here’s an old trick but cool:

  • swipe to clear a tab in Safari or
  • hold on Done-and then tap on Close Tabs or cancel it
tips and tricks for iPhone
Safari Close Tabs

Speaking of the current iPhone X(10), it is a bit tricky powering it off, because you have to:

  • hold the side button-volume up or down
tips for iPhone X
Turning off the iPhone X

But there’s another option if you only want to slide and power off your iPhone.

tips for iPhone X
Other option just for Slide to power off


When you’re typing something and want to go to the characters and numbers you do not need to constantly tap back and forth.

For an example, if you say “Hey” tap on:

  • tap on and slide it to anything you like from the characters and release

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