ios 11.4 What You Need To Know

Apple has released iOS 11.4 yesterday. It was expected yesterday or for WWDC.

Now let’s summarize iOS 11.4

Just want to mention if you guys are on the beta right now you’ll have to go to settings and remove the beta.

  • General – Profiles – Delete Beta – Restart iPhone

Only then you will see it in your software update page.

It’s a pretty massive update even if you have the latest beta installed.

Even though it is a massive update of 2.2GB it did save me some storage of 2.5GB.

Definitely a nice side effect.

Of course alongside this update, there will be several others as well:

  • MAC OS
  • TDoS
  • Watch OS and
  • HomePod

So in your home app, this is what you’re going to see

iOS 11.4 update
Home App iOS 11.4

iOS 11.4 homepod update

Apple didn’t mention this before.

Now stereo pairing is enabled in the latest version of iOS 11.4.

Of course, you also need to update your HomePods if you do have one.





Now each HomePod can sense its location in the room and pair automatically.

Also, you can pair with as many as you got in your home.

WIth Apple finally adding multiple support for HomePods around the house or in anywhere you are is definitely worth the update then.

No more lag issues with a delay in music when connecting your HomePods from your computer or even phone.

Siri Commands

So in this update, you’ll also get new Siri commands for an example say:

  • play “alan walker faded in the office”
  • it will automatically sense the HomePods position and use that one.


Now all your messages will be stored in the cloud on all other devices how you choose. Really neat little feature.


That is pretty much the biggest changes for 11.4.

Although one that I noticed is the performance.

Unlocking with FaceID is so much faster on the iPhone X(10).

The App Switcher opens up much faster.

That is it for today. Thank you for reading!

For more about ios 12 beta 1 and news about Mac OS check out this link.

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