iOS 12 Beta 1 Everything You Need To Know And MAC OS Rumors

iOS 12 Beta 1 is being released on June 4th as a ios beta. And on this blog I would like to talk about the final bases. Also a few WWDC rumors.

Let’s Talk About WWDC 2018

Where can you watch it?

This year Apple is doing something different with the streaming. Also, they’ve streamed their educational events.

The requirements for watching it this year will be different.

Previously you would have to use Safari but this year you don’t have to do that.

As long as it supports the HTML5 video.


It will be available at:

WWDC Starting time
The time when it starts








Great to tune in its always a great event to watch.

Immediately after the event, Apple drops the first Beta.

So it will be:

  • iOS 12
  • MAC OS 10.14
  • watch OS 5 TDS 12 and
  • HomePod iOS 12 version

maybe even an updated version of the airpods.

 Which devices will be supported?

A rumor is said that the iPhone 5s that currently supports iOS 11 will be getting an iOS 12 update.

Mostly to fix it and increase the speed of the device and redeem itself from last years terrible iOS 11.

WWDC Event News
Compatible Devices With iOS 12

But for now, it’s only a rumor that I personally would love to see.





Will you be able to install iOS 12 on June 4th?

Yes, if you’re a developer and pay $100 for the membership fee.

If not you still can but it will be through other methods.

When can you install it?

Usually, there will be a link to download and it’s the same as like when you get from Apple. But the thing that sucks about this files is that someone can inject a bug or a different code.

But if you wait like 20 days or more for the first public beta from Apple it would be more secure.

Should You Install It?

Even though it is rumored to fix a bunch of stability issues, make your device more bearable and bug fixes.

I remember the hype for iOS 7 and everyone downloading it from day 1 and it was a complete disaster. So many bugs and crashes even though iOS 12 should be better than that.

I don’t recommend installing it on day 1.

iOS Beta 

It’s not supposed to be a huge firmware in comparison to iOS 11.

The main focus of this year is fixing the main stability issues and pushing back some main features for iOS 13 in 2019.

Including a full redesign.

It won’t have many new things but it will focus a lot on the iPads stabilization and cross-platform apps.

Will be optimized for both finger and mouse input.

On the iPhone X(10) it will have horizontal FaceID and also for the upcoming iPhone X(10) Plus.

New animojis for the iPhone and emojis in general with Unicode 11.0. 150 new emojis and possible reversible emojis as well.

Deeper Siri search integration with more reliability and easier search.

Do Not Disturb Mode 2.0 with more features and being able to deny calls automatically.

New revamp when importing photos.

AR will get the ability for multiplayer support.

iBooks is something Apple is working to compete with Amazon and get changed back just to books or Apple books in iOS 12.

MAC OS 10.14 Rumors

There are some leaked trademark filings from a shell company that suggest the name of the next version of MAC OS will be called.

And those are:

Mac OS 10.14 Rumors
Suggested Names Of The Next MAC OS




The best part that will be coming is the redesigned App Store.

Bigger bubbles more content friendly like on iOS.

Leaked by best buy the decade edition beats series.

Beats on June 4th

Pretty sure they will be announced on WWDC.




Airpower & Wireless Airpods Case

It’s possible that the airpower mat will make an appearance and actually concrete release date.

Airpods wireless charging case will be likely to happen as well.

MacBook Refreshes Possible

Its possible we might get new MacBooks as a slight refresh.

iPad Gestures

I doubt it but there’s a possibility an iPad that is like the iPhone 10 full of gestures no home button.

Thank you for reading and also check out my last post for more info about iOS 12.

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