iPad Pro 2018 – Tablet to End the Tablet Hunt?

One of the main questions that is on everyone’s minds as Apple releases yet another iPad Pro to the market. Is this something that I need to buy?

The answer: That’s up to you.

Apple iPad Pro 2018
Apple iPad Pro 2018

Previously, we had reviewed the earlier 2018 release. But now let’s take a look at the newest release of the 2018 iPad Pro.

Apple has named this newest product their “most advanced technology.” And if you watched the keynote address about the iPad Pro you can understand why.

As a new trend in Apple products, the screen design has been changed to give users more screen space.

What does this mean?

More screen size. More space to work for the consumer. A good choice? An excellent choice.

However, what else can you expect from this iPad Pro?

iPad Pro
iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

Specs For iPad Pro

First of all, the liquid retina display features true‑to‑life color from one corner to the other. The ProMotion technology, unique to this product, adjusts to what you’re doing giving the most responsive performance you can get.

Most noteworthy, this has been called a computer but unlike any other computer. It’s pretty easy to see why. It’s lightweight yet powerful. It has all the functions of a computer but also more that computers don’t possess. With a 12-megapixel camera, 4K video recording ability and a TrueDepth camera, this tablet has already outdone itself.

Therefore, we can see why Apple has raved about this tablet.

With this tablet, you have the ability to work, play, and relax. Make phone calls,  video calls, and send texts with ease. Type up a Word Document and email it. Take video recordings and pictures with clear quality. Make music and watch movies. Draw pictures and edit photos.

So, why not buy the new iPad? You’ll love it.

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