iPadOS 13 Features: The Best Update Yet?

iOS 13 is amazing and iPadOS just blows me away!


In this blog I would like to state all the top features of iPadOS 13 and why it’s the biggest and best update for iPad.

It’s a complete different version of iOS 13.

It doesn’t matter on which device it’s on, older, newer, smaller or bigger you stand a benefit of iPadOS in many ways!

Lets Begin

The difference from iOS 13 is very visible. Apple added a new vertical row of icons and things look more condense.

I’m a bit disappointed at Apple for not including something similar to iPhone but there’s still more beta updates for iOS 13.

Should we even expect something similar on iOS 13 from Apple?

The structure of the icons feel more natural like on a computer.

Sliding from the top you get your search page and slide from the left gets you your spotlight.

It also gets some new wallpapers which are nice but I would like to see more. Especially the transition to dark mode make the wallpapers and display stick out more.

I have been using dark mode on the jail-broken version and to be honest on iOS 13 it looks particularly good.

iPadOS 13

The dark mode is custom tailored on the iPad and looks really good, you can tell Apple put a lot of time into it.


Usability is now better, slide over has been made better.

You can have multiple windows open and just keep on stacking them.

Originally when slide over was released it wasn’t this good, it evolved to get here today.

Multiple window support is available with two safari web pages open at once or opens in notes at the same time.

Text editing gets easier and every other application you think of gets better.

Regarding text, it has become so much more intuitive and its the most ingenues thing I have seen from Apple.

Text Management on iPadOS 13

First of all last year Apple introduced quick type to the keyboard.

Now the keyboard can become smaller or bigger by a pinch. Move it around anywhere you like.

Another feature is the quick path or swipe to write.

The cursor can be moved around anywhere you like without that annoying magnification system getting in the way.

  • With two fingers you can select all of the text with the cursor.
  • Tap with two fingers to select the last word
  • 2x two finger tap you can select the whole sentence or word
  • 3 fingers the text menu pops up
  • double tap with 3 fingers undoes what you’ve written
  • 3 fingers swipe to the right is a redo
  • 3 finger pinch copies the text and a 3 finger expand is to paste

There’s certainly more things to learn but once you get the hang of it, it’s very easy.

Thank you, Apple for this little tiny feature but something really time-saving and for easier consumer experience.

Apple has also made the iPad more of a compatible computer with the 3rd party keyboards.

The keyboard shortcuts added are helpful in safari or any other app.

The Apple pencil has also gotten an update with a 20 down to a 9-millisecond reduction.

With the Apple Pencil, a left drag up will take a screenshot of anything you’re doing.


Files has become smarter. It supports SSD, SD cards and USB Drives.

The full file system available at your fingertips ready to transfer to your iPad.

That is cool!

Folders can now be shared through iCloud in Files.


Safari has its own download manager but I believe Files and download manager should be more combine.

Certain applications allow you to change fonts.

PS4 AND XBOX ONE Controller Support


This external feature with the iPad is one of the best features.

You do need a MacBook with an iPad on its side and it works fantastic.

Theres no external application or something you need to buy.

Photoshop or video editing will be much easier.

It has completely changed the way I use my iPad and it will certainly change your experience in a great way.

For now, I wouldn’t recommend this on your personal iPad it’s still glitchy and there’s still time for Apple to polish it until Septembers release.

I am excited for this develop and I cant wait to get there!

Thank you for reading my blog!

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