iPhone 2018 So Many Leaks! HUGE Update

iPhone 11 2018 huge update you must know!

Hey guys, I have got so much new exciting news about this neverending leaks about Apples iPhone 11 and more!


iPhone X Spotted Testing! Resolution Leaks

BGR has spotted the iPhone 10+ in its websites visit logs.

Apparently, someone at Apple is visiting it and through some basic math, they were able to decipher the resolution of this device.

  • iPhone X(10) – 1125 x 2436
  • iPhone X(10)+ – 1242 x 2688

Confirms a larger iPhone is being tested.

6.1″ & 6.5″ iPhone Schematics Leak Again

So yet again we got some new schematics for the iPhone 6.1″ that’s. is coming later this year and the iPhone 10+.

iPhone 11 2018 huge update
iPhone 6.1″ Schematic Leaks
iPhone 11 2018 leaks and huge update
iPhone 10+ Schematic Leaks













We’ve seen earlier similar schematics like these but from a different source so we know its legitimate.

Also below the camera, you can see the flash is being deposited below it not to the side of it like on the current iPhone 8.

iPhone 11 2018 leaks and huge update

The lens has a different design now and it looks a lot like the iPhone X(10) lens.

iPhone 11 2018 leaks and huge update
Visual Renders What It Might Look Like






Definitely, something Apple would do for the lower budget model and easier to differentiate the models.

Sim Card Slot Move Lower

Another interesting thing is that the sim card slot s moved down and not in the middle.

What this could mean is that the internals is shifting areas or changing in size.

4k Renders of iPhone X Plus & 6.1″

MySmartPrice has also released there 4k versions of the schematics that looks great.

Notch NOT Changing in Size

All these schematics show that the notch is staying the same and will not be getting smaller as rumored earlier.

Even Faster Fast Charging

Exciting news for everyone is that the fast charging is going to be even faster!

Rosenblatt is saying instead of the current 5 volts at 2amps Apple will now support 9 volts at 2amps and 5 volts at 3amps.

The main reason Apple is doing this is to compete with Android systems to support more applications and of course a quicker recharge.

Gen-2 FaceID

An insider source is saying that FaceID will be getting a gen2 this year.

Much like second generation Touch ID much faster and reliable version with newer phones.

The source also states instead of the module getting smaller it will be getting more reliable thanks to a new algorithm.

As also said the reliability is growing by 300%!

For now, also ensure is that only for the 6.1″ or exclusive for the iPhone 10/10+ model.

Dual SIm iPhone?

The same source is saying that Dual sim is in fact, possible but it will be reserved for the higher end iPhone 10+ model.

It makes a lot of sense because there’s more room for this kind of feature.

USB-C iPhones & iPads Happening?

A supply source is saying that Apple is redesigning its chargers and applications for lighting to USB-C for iPhone and iPad starting in 2019.

Apart from all this, the question is: how likely is Apple going to switch to USB-C?

The same rumors have been out for awhile now and I personally don’t see Apple switching to USB-C for another couple of years.

Solid State Buttons Coming to Apple Watch

Fast Companies is reporting that Apple will be shifting from an actual psychical button to a state button much like from the iPhone 6s going to the iPhone 7.

It will be happening and most likely for better water resistance.

Triple Lens iPhone Confirmed By Apple Supplier

A current Apple iPhone lens supplier is saying that their working on a new 7P lens setup.

This means 7 plastic lens elements for an upcoming camera that’s coming next year.

This basically confirms all speculation about a triple lens iPhone basically their own supplier is confirming it.

A lot more benefits will come with this as I talked about in my last post.

Quadruple Lens Cameras Inventibale.

One funny thing that is coming from DxOMark is not even had we got a triple lens phone but they’re saying there will be a quadruple lens phone.

With manufactories using triple lens more and more.

Soon there will be quadruple lenses made for 5x optical zoom

More Aggressive Pricing Strategy For 2018

More aggressive pricing strategy is due to the drawback they’ve received with the very expensive iPhone models.

  • iPhone X(10)+ will peak at around $900-$1000
  • 2nd generation iPhone X(10) will be between $800-$900
  • 6.1″ iPhone $600-$700

All of this has been confirmed by the greatest Apple leaker Ming-Chi Kuo and ex-analyst for KGI Securities.

Release Date!

The release date has been leaked also by Ming-Chi Kuo.

From rumored November it will be happening in September.

More LCD Than OLED Sales In 2018

Coming from WallStreet Journal they’ve published an article saying that Apple will be selling more LCD Models versus Organic LED Displays this year.

This because the cheaper model will be more similar to the more expensive model with the display.

Having many similarities the expensive iPhone also will enlarge the anticipation for this device.

Another thing from WallStreet Journal is that Apple is sticking with LCD Displays even into 2019.

Intel 7560 Gigabit Modem Production Started

Intel has begun the production of 7560 Modem which will enable the 1.2Gigabit download speeds.

iPhone 11 2018 huge update intel

Finally, Intel is catching up to Qualcomm so your iPhones will support much faster LT download and upload speeds.






New Patent Applications Detail Incredibly Sophisticated Processor Upgrades

These following images show that Apple’s commitment to the A series chips.

iPhone 11 2018 hugee update patents

iPhone 11 2018 huge update patents

They want to ensure that their processors have general evolution.

Getting faster with more bandwidth and so on.

It details packaging methods where they can go to 2.5d 3D actual stacking transistors and get more out of their chips.

Things like this most likely are going into an iPad or iPhone possibly even computers in the future.

iPhone 11 2018 huge update and leaks




iPhone 11 2018 huge update patents






Ongoing Hacking Battle With Grayshift

In a press release, Apple actually said that in a future version of iOS 11 they will be disabling the USB Port after an hour.

It will not be able to transfer data in that way then but of course, you’ll be able to charge your phone.

This is of course to prevent the brute force used by Grayshift from working in iOS 11.

Another great thing is that they have patches ready for iOS 11 and 12 against this.

Almost Full Year Since AirPower Announcement

Where is AirPower? Its almost been a full year since they’ve announced it.

Not even a release date but Apple did say it will come out in 2018.

Last time we heard it had overheating issues and just like airplay 2 Apple is taking their time to perfect it.

Thanks for reading!

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