iPhone 11 Colors Leak, Latest Rumors And 3D iOS 12 Makeover

I got some great exciting news and new rumors!

So ranging from iOS 12 to the new iPhone supposedly coming in several new colors, features and beyond that.

It’s been heard that Apple has new patents that can enable them to do a variety of new things.

iOS 12

What you’re seeing here is the new invite that was sent to the press yesterday.

iPhone 11 colors

It doesn’t look anything special but looking at the switch it’s in 3D.

Developer Guilherme Rambo speculated that there could be a 3D redesign for iOS12.




Looking at the WWDC promo there’s also a theme of 3D depth.

It’s even a possibility that Apple is going to make n overhaul on animations.

We don’t see that kind of animation anywhere on iOS currently, not only will we be seeing a new 3D Depth affect Apple could be completely reimagining the animations in iOS 12.

We heard that iOS 12 won’t be getting a new design until iOS 13 but that doesn’t mean it cant get new animations.

This could change the way we use our devices!

New iOS 12 Music Concept

It is said that in iOS 12 Apple will finally revamp music once again.

For me, iOS 9 music was the best and they went backward with iOS 10 and 11.

So going forward I think using this concept as a bases Apple could certainly improve that so much.

You got improved:

  • charts
  • today view
  • social media aspect could be improved

The overall visuals would be a little bit more compact, there would be more going on but you would be getting a better idea overall.

And while we’re at the topic of iOS 12 I wanted to throw in this concept.

iOS 12 colors leak
Redesign view of contacts in iOS12

This is a redesign of the actual contact application.

It has become much simpler, it’s not just a simple list everything is organized you have these little squares with quick shortcuts.





If you really think about it the contacts application is essentially the same one we had since iOS 1.

So Apple could certainly reimagine it and this also is a very great foundation for Apple to take some inspiration.

New iPhone 11 Colors This Year

So later this year the 6.1″ iPhone LCD model also know as the budget end model Apple will launching this year may actually come in several new colors.

iPhone 11 colors
Rosenblatt analyst thoughts on the new iPhone 11 colors lineup

This is coming from a Rosenblatt analysist and he is saying that Apple needs a way to differentiator the lineup.

Currently, they all share the same colors they would be very similar phones and very hard for consumers to tell them apart.

So a very good way to separate the lineup would be actually to offer different colors.

The iPhone X(10) and 10Plus get the more premium colors like a new gold option as well.

While these would be a:

  • Blue
  • Yellow and
  • Pink
iPhone 11 colors revamp
Possible iPhone 11 colors


As for my main photo on this blog, we made a metal and these photos here as a plastic finish. Just to give you an idea and reminds me of the iPhone 5C.



Rumored Larger Lens Renders

As said in my last blog how Macotakara said that the new iPhone coming later this year that the sensor sizes would be increasing so you could possibly get better quality.

As in result, the actual lens increasing in size as well.

So it might grow 20-25%.

As you can see its larger doesn’t look out of place or anything.

iPhone 11 news
Renders Size In Next iPhone

Better quality and barely even notice a difference.





3rd Source Confirms Triple Lens

Now, this is something that is seen already on the Huawei P20 Pro.

So Apple could certainly be implementing it and already 3 sources believe it could be happening.

Now the last thing to be detailed in this report is that next years iPhone will also have a 3D designing module in the rear.

It will be using slightly different technology vs FaceID.

Instead of the dot matrix, it will be using a technology called Time of Flight where it throws a laser into the room and measures the amount of time it takes for that laser to comeback.

And with this technology, you can get better AR capability and more accurately judge where items are being placed.

So Apple definitely wants to increase the AR’s capabilities.

In-Screen TouchID

This next report doesn’t make much sense to me but apparently its happening.

A report from Korea is saying that Apple has not ditched the embedded fingerprint sensor completely.

They’re still looking to making it by seeking patents to making it work.

Both Apple and Samsung.

So their version is an ultrasonic version, not the optical version.

Optical version basically bounces light off your fingerprint and back to the sensor and read the fingerprint.

Apples would actually scan your fingerprint and get up close and see all micro ridges and such and this brings more accuracy.

But also the source said we won’t see it until late 2019 or even 2020.

I honestly have doubts they would do this. In their interview, the SEDP of Engineering at Apple said they were way past fingerprint technology.

fingerprint scanning
SEDP of Engineering stating “they will not go back to fingerprint scanning”.

Also stating FaceID was better.





USB-C Fat Charger Leaks

There’s more evidence that an 18wats fast charger will be included in this years iPhone box.

This would be great because currently, Apple makes you buy a fast charging adapter separately.

New Future Patents

Let’s start off with this one:

iPhone leaks

Flexible housing for an iPhone that you could possibly fold a little bit and unfold or even in half.

With more and rumors of flexible phones, Apple could be pushing to making this happen as well.





Our next one is called Vein Imaging using detection of pulsed radiation.

Sound dangerous and scary but really it would make your phone more secure.

Along FaceID this feature would actually scan the veins in your face and be looking beyond your skin.

And this could actually solve a problem where twins unlock each other’s phones.

This last one is the coolest!

Apple has been granted a patent for Electric Magnetic Elevation Device.

Where with this technology you could possibly set a device to charge on this sort of pad and a software option for a slight rotation.

That’s all for today’s blog. Thank You!

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