iPhone 11 Leaks And Round Apple Watch And More

All From The New iPhones, Tripple Lens Camera, Round Apple Watch And More!

In any case, there’s new iPhone 11 leaks and so much more to be said today.

First off the iPhone 10 Plus model will be roughly the equivalent size of the current iPhone 8 Plus.

iPhone 11 leaks and rumorsAnd with thinner bezels on this iPhone 10 Plus you will be getting more screen which is fantastic.




Before heading onto more rumors my sources are Macotakara, also it isn’t easy to find many leaks out there today with Apple shutting down as many leaks they can. Yet again these are only rumors.

iPhone X(10)

Moving on the standard iPhone X(10) the 5.8″ model which is still rumored to be called “The iPhone 10” and Apple won’t be renaming it.

Will have a larger camera sensor so of course, the camera quality will be improving we do not know if it will go beyond 12MP. Maybe 16MP or 20MP.

But they are saying that the sensor will be growing in size and as a result, the actual Dual Lens Sensor on the exterior will be growing in size as well.

And also on the iPhone X(10) Plus will maybe have a bigger Dual Lens Camera as well.

iPhone 6.1″

Macotakara gave a quick summary of the 6.1″, they’re saying it will not be a 6.1″ display as previously rumored it will be a 6.0″ display.

It will still be an LCD, FaceID as previously rumored jut it will be a bit smaller on display.

My opinion on this phone is:

  • I don’t think Apple will give it the notch that we have been hearing

Everyone saying it will have it from the researchers.

I think Apple is going to do something like, go around the display with curved edges on the top and bottom, but no notch.

iPhone 11 leaks and rumors
My opinion on what it might look like

It will still have FaceID but if they make it look just like the more expensive models, why would someone prefer those.

I mean just the uneducated person that does not know much about technology, they’re going to look at it and it will look the same, cost cheaper and they would go for that one.

And on new reports by Bussines Korea talks about the display on the upcoming 6.0″ budget end LCD Model from Apple for this year.

They’re saying it will have a:

  • MLCD+ Technology Display

And this is actually is impressive.

It just recently debuted on the  LG ThinQ and it uses different technology from a traditional LCD Display to achieve higher brightness.

It allows the peak nits to go beyond 1000 whereas most LCDs can”t reach that much on smartphones.

The iPhone X(10) has the brightest display right now but apparently, it will not anymore. It went up 800.

So the screen could be brighter, thinner and it could still have the cut out on top potential but it won’t as nice.

Still impressive that Apple is working on LCD all these years later.

iOS 12

The last detail from Macotakara report is talking about another feature to be found in iOS 12.

This one will pertain on all iPhones not just on the new ones but it makes more sense on the new iPhone X(10) Plus.

Horizontal FaceID so you’ll be able to unlock your iPhone in the horizontal position.

Especially on the iPhone X(10) Plus which is rumored to have the split section in apps much like on the iPads.

It definitely makes sense that Apple would want to add this feature to those new iPhones but also on an existent one.

Triple Lens iPhone

This rumor we have heard already not too long ago might be possible.

Apparently, another research firm is supporting it.

They say Apple is indeed launching a triple lens iPhone in 2019.

iPhone 11 leaks with triple lens camera
What the iPhones would look like with a Triple Lens Camera

It opens up so much potential for the iPhone if it would have one.

Triple Lens Camera could potentially add between:

  • 3 to 5x optical zoom



Apple was just granted a new patent that would allow it to record zoomed in video and standard wide angled video at the same time.

Apple Watch

Once thought the rejected design by Apple the round watch may actually happen. Sometime in the future.

And it might not be Apple Watch Series 4 but I see Apple adding a rounded version beside their already squaerd watches.

iPhone SE 2

Recently there are so many rumors on about this device and in so many ways that we never imagined that Apple would do.

Apparently, it will have a notch a full-frame display which is incredible.

A curious thing is it doesn’t have FaceID or home button So how will you unlock it?

WIll it be under the display? Definitely NOT.

Apple already swore they’re not looking into bringing back fingerprint technology.

So I don’t know if its real or not. or even how it would work.

And that is the latest guys. Thank you again for visiting.

Also, check out my last blog on iPhone 11 leaks.


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