iPhone 11 Price Leaks 2018 XI Latest Rumors

iPhone 11 price leaks 2018 XI latest rumors have been rumored a lot lately, so we will break it up all up for you guys.

First off I would like to mention our design and new iPhone XI Renders based on rumors.

Let’s call it the iPhone 11 for now for 2018 and the iPhone 11Plus, but I will be mentioning the naming later on.

So as rumored the notch should be getting smaller and will be shrinking on this years iPhone.

What I think personally id that apple will do since their combining the Infrared Sensor and the Front Facing  Camera and combining it into one.

  • It will shrink in width, not in height

That would make it look more OIM what Apple would actually do on this years new iPhone.

iPhone 11 smaller notch As for the name of this years iPhone, it’s uncertain.

We could say 2018 iPhone but that doesn’t really roll off the tongue very well, so I will be calling it the iPhone 11 for the purposes for just making it more distinctive then last years model.

  • Product Red is also rumored for this years iPhone
  • As well is the Gold Version
Product Red iPhone 11 Rumor
Gold iPhone 11 Rumor

Updated ‘XI Plus’ Concept Based on Rumors

This is the larger 6.5 XI Plus vs the earlier 5.8inch.

There’s a huge difference between screen estate this year which would be nice to see.

iPhone 11 price leaks 2018

Pricing of this years iPhone line up it is rumored not to be:

  • exceeding the 1000$ price tag
  • unless you’re not looking on getting the high-end gigabyte models

RBC Capital Markets Analysts is claiming that they know Apple’s pricing strategy for this years iPhone line up.

So basically what they are saying is that the 5.8inch model will be priced at 899$, that is a full 100$ less versus last years model with more technology and improvements.

  • As for the larger version should be starting at 999$
  • It will most likely start off from a 64Gb for base going up to 256Gb and rumored 512Gb version

Aside to that the rest of the iPhone lineup should fall a suit to the 6.1 inch LCD Model it’s supposed to start at about  799$ or 699$.

It still will have the LCD Display and cut out notch and the A12 Chip and also 1GB less.

Rumored prices

Now the question is why is Apple lowering the price of it’s newest products?

It’s said that Apple is reducing 2018 iPhone Cost Manufacturing By 10%

  • could be manufacturing costs or part costs

Apple To Begin Production Of iPhone XI Much Earlier as the 2nd quarter of 2018 usually they start production in June, July to August.

IP68 Water Resistance Finally Happening?

Now that would be amazing!

The Evidence is that Apple has applied for a bunch of patents that have to do with improved water resistance techniques.

  • If we look at these pictures below, even the screws around the lighting port are tighter.

Apple has detailed to make those tight, and improved lighting connector that can create the seal between the lighting jack and the actual port which is quite interesting.


  • And also for the buttons.

This shows that Apple is really working on an improved IP68 Water Resistance and there’s an actual coding for the actual surfaces of the phone.

The Chassis that will expel water and reject it, is essentially a high hydrophobic coding that disperses water away from the surfaces that way it won’t get into the phone as easily.

A new Patent Water Tight Lighting Connector, it’s uncertain if the actual port will be changing or not.

  • it will create a seal from water going in unsure if it means you can charge your phone underneath water or to protect it from splashes.

That’s it for now about iPhone 11 Price Leaks hope you guys enjoyed this and stay tuned! If you wish to read more great rumors and updates check out my other interesting blog about the new iOS version.

iPhone 11 Price Leaks, what do you think? Comment below!

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