iPhone XR or Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Which Should You Buy?

iPhone XR or Galaxy Note 9

iPhone XR or Galaxy Note 9 is inspired because a lot of people have said that Note 9 is cheaper than the XR in their country.

As well as in the USA it is cheaper if you trade an older smartphone or get it on a carrier a lot of cheap deals.

I have seen it on eBay going up to 750$ that’s the same as the XR.

Also at the same price, you get a 128GB Note 9, unlike only a 64GB XR.


They both have glass backs and both of aluminum sides.

They both feel premium although Note 9 feels a bit better it is a bigger phone.

The wait is better distributed unlike on the XR.

XR is less heavy but because of that smaller body, it feels like a chunky phone.

But if you feel that a heavier device is more premium then you will love the XR.

On Note 9 the corner does stab your palm a bit more than on the smooth edge of the XR.


In terms of display on the Note 9 is one of the most stunning displays on a smartphone this year.

  • Can be enabled to preview the home screen in landscape mode
  • Can also change the screen resolution
  • Beautiful resolution and it will never disappoint you

The iPhone XR is also a stunner in terms of display.

The LCD panel going down all the way to edge is pretty nice engineering.

However, the resolution is not the highest can see a little bit of pixelation when coming in close.

Overall it is not bad at all.

iPhone XR Galaxy Note 9

Side by side it is a definite win for the Galaxy Note 9


The Galaxy Note 9 is on Android 8.1.0 Oreo still not on the latest 9 Pie.

It has all the nice Samsung ability and multitasking abilities.

A ton of features also the User S Pen

  • Change Themes
  • Add Widgets
  • Super Customizable

Everytime you say why does my XR not do that the Galaxy Note 9 does.

The downside is that it rarely gets major updates only monthly security patches.

The XR is on the latest iOS 12.1 which brings:

  • group FaceTime
  • 70 new emojis
  • Screentime
  • fast performance
  • siri shortcuts and etc

But it is definitely not a redesign of the interface.

Only if you’re coming from an older iPhone device you must get used to gestures.

No multitasking or split screen on the XR.

Honestly, most people prefer maybe a simple interface.


Performance wise the Galaxy Note 9 is a fast device with 8GB of RAM unless you buy the 128GB you get 6GB RAM.

With the SnapDragon 845, it is very fast but it is not the most smoothes device I have used like the buttery smooth it’s just fast.

It can have 20 apps open or 20 tabs opened in your browser and it never slows down.

Regardless that on paper the XR is blowing away with performance Galaxy Note 9 is a very powerful device where it’s most needed.

In the real world, you actually don’t even see that.

If you want a device for the long haul the Note 9 can last at least another 3 years with its performance.

The XR, on the other hand, has an A12 Bionic Chip that performs very well and is very fast for many uses daily and gaming.


On the Galaxy, you get the Dolby Atmos feature which i recommend to enable.

It has a very loud speaker.

On the XR for me, I find it more clear rather than louder.

But both devices are loud and Galaxy Note 9 with that nice headphone jack.


Galaxy Note 9:

  • FingerPrint Scanner on the back
  • FaceID

iPhone XR:

  • FaceID

FaceID on the XR is better in the dark than the Note 9.

However, Note 9 has more options for you on how to unlock your device.


Battery life is equal on both devices.

I will do a comparison on both of them but don’t choose between battery life they’re both the same.


Samsung Galaxy Note 9:

  • Dual Optical Lens
  • Better Appture for low light
  • Pro Modes
  • Live Focus
  • Panorama

Many other in-depth features.

iPhone XR or Galaxy Note 9

iPhone XR or Galaxy Note 9






iPhone XR:

It’s very simple of use but does get tricky if you want to change some settings it’s all the way in the settings application.

No recording limit on the XR unlike on the Note 9.

Both have Portrait Mode.

Which is Better?

I think their both comparable besides the screens.

Both are premium feeling and both have aluminum sides.

Galaxy Note 9 has IP68 Dust/Water Resistance while the XR has IP67.

Both have good battery life and also camera’s.

But if you want the bigger better display you must go with Note 9.

For the same price, Note 9 does offer a bit more.

But for an Apple device, the price is still a good deal.

Which one do you think is better let me know down below!

Thank you for reading everyone!

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