iPhone XS/XS Max vs iPhone XR Comparison

In this blog, the point is I want to help you to decide which device to buy.

Also, I want to narrow down the differences. The XR is a cheaper version but it might not be necessarily worth going down and saving.

iPhone XS/XS Max vs iPhone XR Comparison

First thing I want to point out is size.

The XS Max is absolutely huge with its massive display you’ll be getting a lot more content visible.

But do consider it won’t be as comfortable as like the XS or XR edition.

You don’t have to reach as far for the control center and is definitely something to consider.

The 6.1″ XR does sit really well in between but still is quite wide but earlier reviewers said it is light for what it is.


The thing that we’ll be mostly interacting with daily

  • XS Max (6.5″)
  • XR (6.1″)
  • XS (5.8″)

Size is a size and its what you prefer more but the technology is massively different.

The XR has a Liquid Retina Display while the XS/XS Max have a Super Retina Display.

Apple has made some improvements on it like the contrast ratio is better also the dynamic range so the display is really good.

The display supports HDR and on the XR it does not.

Pixel density on the XS/XS Max is 458ppi while on the XR its only 326ppi.

It surely will not be as near as sharp as the XS models.

For me, since I would be using the display daily I would pay that extra $250 for a better display.

On the other hand for some people, it doesn’t really matter.

The downside of the XR is the amount of bezels on the side.

Usually, OLED does have better viewing angles and better at reflections. Brightness wise there the same.

It is the best LCD Display ever made but still not as good as an OLED Display.

They’ve removed 3D touch completely from the XR and replaced it with haptic touch which is not as fast as 3D Touch.

If you use 3D Touch on a daily and it is something you love you will not have it on the XR.


The XR has an aluminum border and to be exact 7000 series, but still not as durable as stainless steel.

In my experience its a lot harder to deform but they still feel premium.

Durability wise I do believe they both have the strongest glass as Apple said.

iPhone XS/XS Max has an IP68 Water/Dust Resistance rating while the XR has an IP67 Water/Dust Resistance rating.

  • 2M or 6ft for 30min for the iPhone XS/XS Max
  • 1m or 3ft for 30min for the iPhone XR


  • iPhone XS/XS Max – Gold, Silver and Space Grey
  • iPhone XR – Blue, Yellow, White, Red, and Coral

iPhone XS/XS Max vs iPhone XR Comparison







iPhone XS/XS Max vs iPhone XR Comparison






The cool thing about the XR it has the same camera as the XS models a wide angle lens but not the other one.

You do get similar functionality but not quite the same with only a singular camera.

Digital zoom goes only to 5x instead of 10x like on the XS models and also missing optical zoom.

You get two less portrait lighting effects.

You won’t be missing much but in low light, zoom and in general it’s better on the XS models.

Something Apple did not mention is that the XR has a lower class cellular and Wireless at an LTE Advanced vs the iPhone XS gigabit-class LTE.

As for physical differences that’s just about it between the XR and XS models.

Just to point out the XS and XS Max models come down to preference.

The difference between them is very minimal.

You get an hour extra of battery life and a larger display.


Honestly about the price when Apple announced it I was quite surprised… but hey… that’s Apple.

The XS is $999 while the XS Max $1099.

The XR starts at $749 but I think that’s $50-$100 overpriced.

It does share many similarities the XS models like the same chip processor, camera and functionality in general.

So that $250 is worth an upgrade for way better specs.

Although the XR offers great size, storage options and colors.

Thank you for reading!

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