Is The iPhone 6s Still Worth The Buy?

Should I buy the iPhone 6s and is it worth it?

Is the iPhone 6s still worth the buy?

Now you must be asking yourself these same questions a lot. It is the 2015 Apple iPhone flagship device.

I personally use my iPhone 6s a lot beside my other phones and I still love it.

The prices have come down, you’ve probably seen it refurbished at great deals.

Now we’re going to break that down right here

First off a quick specifications refresh:

  • 4.7 Retina Display-326 PPI
  • A9 CPU + 2GB RAM
  • 12MP Camera + 4k Video Recording
  • 5MP Front Facing Camera
  •  iOS 11 upgradeable to iOS 11.3.1
  • Touch ID 2nd Generation


In terms of design, it carries back to the 2014 iPhone 6 and it’s more premium feeling.

But this design definitely needed an update that’s why Apple brought the iPhone X(10). Nevertheless, this design gives the classic vibes.

It includes the headphone jack that many also today appreciate.


You’re looking at a 4.7″ Retina Display which is found on the iPhone 6 but it is a bit warmer, also it’s a bit cooler than the iPhone 7 and 8.

You only get:

  • NightShift
  • no true tone

From my experience in the outdoors, I have never had any problems with brightness and visibility.

Even the iPhone X OLED Panel is very similar to this iPhones panel just a bit more colorful. This shows how well Apple designed and built this device.

You also have 3D Touch and Reachability.


So about the software, it brings:

  • iOS 11.3.1 at the moment will be upgradable to IOS 12

Now with all the software issues Apple does have at the moment it might not be as great, but they’re working on it and it will be fixed on all devices.

On the whole, the iPhone 6s performs very well still.


It has an average battery life. From my experience, it can be throughout the whole day. Not including playing demanding games.


So performance on this device is very solid.

Cannnot really tell too much about the speed and performance from when it came out it is still very snappy and quick.


We’re talking about a 12MP Camera and 4k Video Recording the first on an iPhone.

It has a classic look and shoots burst mode.

Also with that 4k Video Recording, it is still better than some phones today.

In my experience using it, very balanced picture taking amazing for quick shots.

And you can still use the volume rocker to take photos giving the experience of using a real camera.

Phone Calls

Phone call quality it is very solid and the speakerphone is loud enough.


From personal experience it is fantastic, but after an hour or two of gaming depending on the game size, it starts warming up.

But overall it is never overheated and amazing and for me, the display size was never too small.

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Thank you for the support and reading.

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