Is The New 2018 iPad 9.7″ Good for UNI/College


First off you might want to read about the price and why this iPad is an awesome device.

So this iPad as a good price and it’s very fast and good for writing notes and more.

Regarding Organization 

The best thing I do is add all my apps in specific folders for each and every single app for better and faster access.

Productivity Folder

In this folder I have:

  • Word
  • Excell
  • GoodNotes
  • Sheets
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Pocket


In this folder I’ve got:

  • ProCreate
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Good Reads

Reading Process

What I found most helpful is how I changed my process reading my notes and more on this tablet.

Sitting on the couch or in bed is so much easier than on the desk, which also makes me look forward to doing that task.

Also using the Apple Pencil is very helpful for:

  • zoom in/out
  • pinching in/out and
  • highlighting the important

This really makes the process easier and intuitive.

Saving tons of money on paper and many other accessories.

The beginning of the year is much easier to achieve and follow.

Exporting Notes and Files

With the easiness of just a tap, you can easily save any document to your iCloud or share it with your other devices.

It makes an amazing personal assistant on the go.

Also the ability to carry it around without a laptop much easier.

Syncing between different devices makes it easy to continue your progress.


Using the notes to write down everything I need and who uses it is really helpful.

Creating individual notebooks with different topics, and the Apple pencil gives extraordinary precise writing experience.

Makes the same experience and better than writing on paper.

The ability to export, organize notes, erase and recover makes it a very approachable.

The Usage

Planning on the device using Callendar really helps and to do list for a better organization and preparing.

For a full version of Evernote is paid to sync between devices but using it a lot it is really worth it.

Once again I appreciate the visit, my friends! Thank you.

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