LG G7 2018 First Impressions

LG G7 ThinQ First impressions and review.

Now that it’s been officially released let’s review the LG G7.

Let’s begin: 


First of all this new device is rocking an amazing 6.1 Quad HD+ display.

The body is similar to the LG V30 which is very nice.

review on LG G7
LG G7 ThinQ Design
  • a glass back for wireless charging
  • dual cameras
  • fingerprint scanner

New features

Not many new features but there are two new things added to this years LG device.

  1. A new button and it is dedicated to pulling up google assistant and they call it the AI Hot Key
  2. There’s a notch

As it goes for their notch, no not the same as Apples.

They call it their second screen, which means there are software options to bring back the bezels.

Also, you can change the color and design of it.

LG as went far and amazing with their new display, added more white pixels for a better experience outdoors.


In terms of specs, it has the:

  • snapdragon845 Processor
  • 6GB of RAM (depending on your region)
  •  128GB Storage
  • 3000mAh battery

It also does have a:

  • Micro SD slot
  • wireless charging
  • IP68 Water and Dust Resistance and
  • headphone jack


Here we have a:

With its AI CAM, it will pick out the best filters for your shot and detect on what you’re focusing.

Another cool feature, it hands out words describing the photo which makes us feel like the phone is thinking.

Outstanding in low light shots with its brightness adjuster and dark mode.

Portrait Mode added to their camera as well, and it is nice you can adjust the blur before and after taking the picture.

LG G7 BoomBox Feature

With this a 39% louder speaker and a much bigger residence chamber.

Overall results of this is a louder better speaker and a bit of bass.

 Final Thoughts

Overall it’s an outstanding device very great in the outdoors and reliable. More about this device coming soon!

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