Nintendo Switch Accessories Must Have 2018

Nintendo Switch Accessories

Its crazy to see the Nintendo switch to be out for more than a year now.

So that means that there’s a ton of accessories that are worth taking a look at.

If you own a switch or plan on getting one soon.

Nintendo Switch Power Case

nintendo switch accessories
Nintendo Switch Case

This case is really cool. What do you get from it?

Not only is the case protective hardshell you also get:

  • 8 slots to store 8 games
  • a pouch to place cables inside

but the best part of this is it can charge your Nintendo Switch.

Charge your switch whenever you’re on the go.

It is just great to travel with the switch and whenever I’m done playing with it for a bit placing it in its case and let it charge.

This thing is packing 8000mAh so this can charge it fully and a bit more afterward.

Overall if you’re a big switch player and you really take advantage of its portability this case is a no-brainer. Definitely worth picking up!

Dock For The Switch

nintendo switch accessories

With this thing, you can jazz up your dock with many different color variations.

What do you get?

  1. A base that comes with a few plates and
  2. as built-in LEDs with a variety of colors to choose from
  3. or let them cycle through all of them

You can choose from different looks with super Mario odyssey as well a Zelda plate and a total of 17 color combinations.

It’s very easy to switch between plates and its powered with a USB port.

And it only costs $20.

Custom Plates and Joycons

It looks great and looks legit.

Doesn’t look that it was made cheap.

Switching out the plates is very easy,

 Multi-Angle Stand For The Nintendo Switch

nintendo switch accessories stand
Nintendo Switch Stand

It might not look like a huge deal but if you carry this switch everywhere, this thing is pretty great.

Its like and sup[er easy to carry but most importantly this thing can flex to a ton of different angles.

It also has rubber pads that hold up the switch and on the bottom of the stand so this thing won’t slide around.

Honestly its really useful if you’re on a plane, train or somewhere else you won’t have to worry about your switch sliding around.

And also you can use your phone or tablet with it.

J&TOP Portable Dock & Insignia Dock Kit

We got two options but let’s talk about the cheaper one first.

nintendo switch accessories
$35 Portable Dock by J&TOP

It’s only $35 and its way more portable than the standard switch dock.

It even has all the same ports I have included on the standard switch dock.


Way easier for traveling basically you just grab it and go.

The second one by Insignia is slightly bigger and a bit more expensive around $40.

Comes with a power cable as well with an HDMI only thing though its missing two USB ports that the standard one has.

Also, check out my other blog on awesome tech under $50 for May 2018.

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