Samsung Galaxy S10 Changes Everything

The Samsung Glaxay s10 changes everything. and it is going to be such a revolutionary and big change that will leave Apple completely in the dust in terms of technology.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Changes Everything

Don’t get me wrong the new iPhones are great but not that great innovations just improvements on past models.

It’s going to be a great leap from Samsung and I don’t think we’ll see something like this in a while.

Let’s talk about everything we know so far and what will change!

Samsung Galaxy s10

All the designs and pictures we have now are prone to change till the final release.

First, we had a headphone jack now no headphone, triple lens vertical now horizontal and no notch and notch.

So I want to start off with the lineup in general.

It is rumored that there will be the:

  • Galaxy s10+
  • Galaxy s10
  • Samsung Galaxy s10 Lite

The Lite version should be a budget phone to compete with iPhones XR.

As far as display sizes there will be two:

  • 5.8″ ( Samsung Galaxy s10 Lite and Galaxy s10)
  • 6.2″ ( Samsung Galaxy s10+)

This means that the phone will actually be getting smaller and that because of the design change.

The galaxy will finally go bezeless.

So, how is Samsung achieving this before Apple even though Apple has so many resources?

4 Rumored Colors

Most of the colors are limited to regions in America. So we might get only black and white.

The other colors are rumored to be:

  • Yellow
  • Deep Sea Green

The reason for getting only two colors in the US is because of the ceramic back.

That changes a lot so that’s why we might only get black and white.

Another thing about the design is without the bezels anywhere on the device then many things have to change.

With the IRIS scanning, the way you unlock your phone and the earpiece itself.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Changes Everything

Should look like the one in the photo.

We will be getting an infinity-O display and a small camera on the left top of the display.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Changes Everything

It’s rumored that Samsung has started developing the design and should drop from December to March 2019.

They have the technology so we shall see it soon,

s10 Lite

The budget model or the XR competitor should have a cheaper price than the XR because if it’s overpriced it won’t go that well like the XR.

Will not have a curved display it will be flat also it will not have an embedded fingerprint sensor like on the s10 series so it might have it on the back like the past models.

It shall be out on an A8 model so it will give us a look at what it will look like on the s10 models.

No headphone jack has been rumored on Samsung is joining the ranks of all the other smartphones that don’t have one.

Most likely for more space or even a bigger battery but if they pull it off with one that would be legendary and with all the technology.

The new way of unlocking your device will be with the under the screen fingerprint sensor.

Yes, we do have it already but not the Ultra Sonic technology.

It will be faster than the standard optical one we have now which is slower than traditional fingerprint sensors.

There will be no FaceID so that we could get a bezeless top.

Was rumored to get an earpiece in the display but terms of quality that’s not always the best solution.

Camera Setup

Most likely it will be a horizontal setup and be able a triple lens camera without the fingerprint sensor in the way at the back.

The s10+ will get a:

  • 16MP with a 120-degree wide angle lens

Front facing camera has been said to be a Dual Lens Camera but to me, the most likeliness is just one camera on the front.


It will be the SnapDragon 855 and is rumored to be released in December and also it will be an Octa-Core processor.

Very similar to the Exynos 9820 processor.

One core will be the strongest at 2.8ghz then there will be 3 cores at 2.4hgz and 4 cores at 1.8ghz.

It will be a 7nn processor but still not as capable as Apples A12.

Leaked GeekBench marks show it is still very powerful for whatever you need.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Changes Everything

The Monster s10 Variant

There’s a possible 4th device Samsung will release later on

Its supposedly going to have a 6.7″ display all screen and might corporate 5G technology.

It will be called the Beyond X and will have 6 cameras overall.

If it comes out it will be very expensive and to me, it seems more like a concept than reality right now.

Rumors do say it will be released.

Something interesting I would like to mention is the new Samsung One UI.

Most likely to ship with the new Galaxy.

It’s Samsungs take on a completely clean and stock looking skin for Android that removes any distraction.

Just a new fresh look that Apple should do as well.

When it comes to prices it’s very hard to say but you could expect Samsungs prices to be near Apples or $100 less.

The release date should be in January 2019 as said by the team.

There it is the new Samsung Galaxy s10 all we know about it so far.

It’s amazing I’m excited I’m sure you guys are too!

Its always good to see competition in the smartphone game to force Apple to do better and other companies.

Thank you for visiting again!

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