Samsung Galaxy S9 Top 5 Accessories

The Best Accessories for Samsung s9/s9+

First off from my experience the Samsung Galaxy s9/s9+ are very slippery phones.

The best option would be to get a case, yes I know these are beautiful devices we would rather not cover up or with some ugly case.


So this case made by Tozo case gives you a clear back while still having rubber protection on the sides.

The case does have double layers back protection and it has a great slim fit.

samsung galaxy s9 accessories
Tozo Case

But if that’s not your style you can always use the Spigen Cases for the Samsung galaxy s9.

They’re very steady and I personally have always felt safe with their cases on my device.

You can get:

  • Bulkier or
  • slimmer

Micro SD Slot

Now even though many companies are removing a lot of older features Samsung still includes a micro SD slot.

You might be taking a lot of photos and pictures and it might be eating up a lot of your memory.

And they’re actually selling one for about $40 which is fantastic for 128GB.

Also for other phones theirs a great SD Card called:

  • Sandisk Memory Card


Now that we have covered some of the basics let’s talk about the best cables for your device.

There are many companies that make cables like Anchor for an example and the cables are good but one of the best is:

  • RavPower USB-C/A cable-wide shape cable and a USB C end and USB AN on the other side-very useful to have both sides.
  • Light up USB-C cable


Now if you really want to have wireless charging also one of the best is by Samsung. It can be propped up or lay down flat.

As it goes for watches the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Edition is amazing.

You can have access to all of them:

  • notifications
  • apps on your phone
  • access calls
  • Find your own phone
  • Fitness tracking

Gives you the option to change the look of your watch and even go to the store and download as many as you want.

The best part of this watch is finding your phone if you forget where it is or lost it locates it and calls your phone and it starts ringing.

Overall it is a great watch and addition to your Samsung galaxy s9 but it does come at a quite an expensive price.


Sennheiser HD 440 is one of the finest headphones which support wireless and with a wire.

And just at under $100

And the AKG Earbuds that come with the phone cannot be replaced, I mean they’re fantastic.

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