The Best Tech Under $50 (July)

Tech under $50 July


So first off is not an inexpensive gaming bundle from Gamedias and this is the Ares along with keyboard we got the mouse for a very affordable price.

tech under $50 july you must see

This is for those who want to save some money when up new referrals.

The keyboard is RGB Backlit does have also the seven colors backlit rainbow effect.

It is static and doesn’t move but overall it’s not that bad as a keyboard.

On the side, you have 3 macro buttons and the buttons are not loud and clicky.

There’s even a full attachable wrist rest for you.

The mouse is optical with 4000dpi this also lights up for a little bit of extra flair and it has a weight tuning system to add or take away from the mouse to fit your preference.

Both of these come at $40 total for the bundle.

Yi Action Cam

I took it out recently and it surprised me with its quality.

Whether you’re big for water sports in the summer, skateboarding, going on hiking trips or anything else this is a great buy!

On the back, it has a 2″ Touchscreen so you can see what you’re recording and it also has built-in wifi.

It takes videos and photos with 4k quality which can also be 1080p if you want.

Can shoot up to 60fps and shoots at a nice 150 degree wide angle.

It’s small and easily pocketable and its quality is amazing and you can always crop in the wide angle.

It was 49$ when I got it but now around $59 but its possible to be found for less than $50.

Syba Sonic AMP & DAC

I must say this one is a great find!

It highly exceeded my expectations and this one is one of the tops of the line for this series.

Its made for your desktop and unhappy with the audio coming out of your pc you use this.

No drivers needed just plug and go.

What it does is enhanced and boosts your sound quality.

tech under $50 you must see

tech under $50 you must see
Back Side
tech under $50 you must see
Front Side

On the front, you got your headphone jack and microphone also a record and monitor at the same time.













Trust me it will be fabulous and worth it.

It’s 40$ and that’s the best part!

Lintelek Fitness Tracker

This $30 piece rates your heart rate or pretty much any other trackers do.

On the front is that OLED Display and all you do is tap and swipe.

The bottom is where your touch sensitivity is.

COmes up with many other colors and the battery can last up to a week.

Bento StacK

This item is often marketed with Apple products and it’s an amazing thing to have to organize your stuff when you’re traveling.

tech under $50 July you must see

It can stacks lot and helps you organize.

Keeps everything in this tiny compact box.

It is $50 but its worth it.


Hope you enjoyed and have a great day!

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