The New iPad 9.7″ 2018 review! is it really worth $329?

Hey guys, I just got the 2018 iPad 9.7 and this is the budget $329 version and in this blog, I would like to see:

  • how much do you get for your money
  • what kind of value is this iPad comparing it to last years model and iPad 10-inch Pro

Now let’s go on and take a look at everything that is important when considering a tablet before buying one from: 

  • Displays
  • Processors
  • Gaming and etc

First off what do you get in the box when buying the budget iPad 9.7 version?

  • a 12-watt adapter, if you wish for fast charging you might have to consider spending more

Now onto The iPad 9.7 itself and comparing it to The iPad 10-inch

  • The iPad now comes in a new gold finish aside with space gray and silver models.
  • The shell is unchanged from last years model
  • comparing it to The iPad 10 inch version it is a bit thicker but weighs the same
  • same dual speaker
  • very similar but it does look a bit older due to the bezels
iPad 9.7 worth $329
2018 iPad 9.7 Gold

Moving onto the Displays, on the 9.7-inch version, it’s one of the weakest areas on this iPad due to poor reflection.

  • does not have the special finish as the iPad Pro 10-inch version
  • reflects more sunlight into your eyeballs
  • also has a depth to it so the screen has an air gap between the LCD and Digitizer unlike on the 10-inch version
  • does not have pro-motion
  • does not have True Tone display

I also tested the Apple Pencils and refresh rate drawing with it and it’s very responsive as the iPad Pro 10-inch version, so if you’re considering it for drawing on it I would recommend it.

Moving onto Gaming I think it does a great job and it’s a sweet spot for what you pay for it and what you get from performance.

It’s a Apple A10 Fusion Quad-Core with 2Gb of ram which is very future proof, honestly, this thing will do very well even 3,4 years from now because the A10 is quite a beast.

I personally think for the performance you get at this price is really amazing.

Testing it onto the Geekbench results I was impressed to find that the Single-Core Score was near that of a more expensive iPad Pro model and not too far behind the iPhone 10(X).

  • The Multi-Core Score was just shy of 6000 just a few points from the Apple Pro.

Testing the  UI responsiveness going home, going to the app switcher and just all over, I found that in some cases it’s even more responsive than the 10.5-inch iPad.

Moving onto the touch ID  test the newer iPad has the:

  • First Generation Touch ID Sensor
  • the iPad Pro the second

and definitely apparent when testing these. Especially when the screens are off it definitely launches faster on the iPad Pro. But the new iPad isn’t far behind even with that first generation sensor.

Also with this newer 9.7 iPad, you’re getting less speakers 2  vs 4 from The iPad Pro.

  • the two are not as loud as on the iPad Pro
  • 91.1db
  • iPad Pro 97.9db much louder and with more base

Camera wise it remains the same 8mp still not capable of 4k videos, almost no change from last years model

iPad 9.7 vs iPad Pro Camera Test

And there it is Apple’s new $329 model iPad, I’d definitely say that it’s a fantastic value. And if you wanted an iPad and don’t want to spend a lot of money and still get a good value.

Thank you for coming back and reading if you would like to see more check out our website.


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