The Triple Lens iPhone 11 is Coming! Leaks!

Triple Lens iPhone 11 is coming!

All You Need To Know

Hey guys, so your next iPhone is actually going to have a triple lens camera.

It may be this year or maybe next year but it is coming.

In this blog, I will be talking about the leaks and rumors regarding that.

Also, a  demo with Huawei P 20 Pro and DxOMark calls it the best triple lens camera out there.

Leaks & Rumors

There have been many reports already where 4 already going on 5 and all these analysts are agreeing that Apple is working on a triple lens iPhone.

It is the future and most phones are going to have the triple lens camera.

And there are so many advantages of a triple lens camera that you may have never thought of.

Unfortunately, the Huawei is not allowed in the USA and there’s a lot against that.

Nevertheless, the triple lens camera on the Huawei P 20 Pro is unique.

triple lens iPhone 11 is coming
Huawei P 30 Pro Triple Lens Camera

It’s a monochrome lens so it’s black and white.

It actually does not collect color but in collaboration with the other lenses, it can make a very detailed picture.

Of course, it’s a zoom lens as well so you get an advantage of 3x Optical Zoom.

Compared to the iPhone X

The camera does not look anything special and I think Apple might just drop down the 3rd lens below like the Huawei did but they could integrate it all together.

triple lens iPhone 11
the integrated triple lens into the iPhone 11








Zooming in on the Huawei is so unreal and the quality of the 3x Optical Zoom is amazing.

Now one of the advantages this technology has is that even going into digital zoom because of that third lens which is monochrome which Apple could use.

It gets a very sharp look past digital zoom and enhancing that.

For an example, this next photo is with 10x zoom on both the iPhone X(10) and Huawei P20 Pro.

triple lens iPhone 11 is coming
10x Zoom iPhone X/Huawei P20 Pro




Standard Zoom 2x

iPhone 11 camera
iPhone X Standard Zoom
huawei vs iPhone camera
Huawei P20 Pro Standard Zoom

Pretty decent on each device.








3x Zoom

iPhone 11 triple lens
iPhone X 3x Zoom
triple lens huawei vs iPhone X
Huawei P20 Pro 3x Zoom









As you can see the Huawei P20 Pro just switched to its 3rd lens making the photo look more clean and sharper.

6x Zoom

iPhone 11 triple lens is coming
iPhone X 6x Zoom
iPhone 11 triple lens leaks
Huawei P20 Pro 6x Zoom









You can definitely notice that the Huawei is a little bit sharper.

Triple lens opens up a lot of new possibilities basically we are getting optical zoom 3x is what is rumored to happen.

5x would be nice but that would change the dynamics of the lens.

Of course, digital zoom can be enhanced if Apple uses the monochrome sensor technology it’s not likely they will.

There’s no word that they will do that at all its just what Huawei did and its working for them quite well.

The low light especially and when zooming in it’s so much better.

Also, the sharpness with digital zoom is also better so you’re getting enhanced digital zoom on top of the enhanced optical zoom.

Better portrait mode on the Huawei P 20 Pro and with that 3rd lens you can measure the distance between you and the subject and get a better result.

Augmented Reality (AR)

With the triple lens camera, you will be able to get 3D sensing capabilities on the back.

Its been long rumored by Bloomberg AR is coming to the iPhone and with iOS 12 Apple is improving the AR Kit.

Triple Lens iPhone ‘X Plus model’ this year?

Recent reports are saying that Apple will be releasing a triple lens iPhone this year as the iPhone X(10) Plus and alongside it the regular iPhone X(10).

This would also be a great way to differentiate the lineup.

Other reports say the triple lens iPhone will come out in 2019.

We do not know for sure but one thing we do know for sure is that a triple lens iPhone is being made for the future by Apple.

What will it look like?

This is something that a lot of us are thinking about now.

As we know Apple did a great job with the iPhone 7/8 Plus and iPhone X Dual camera so I’m pretty sure they’ll do something good with the triple lens.

The capabilities of this future 3 lens camera will definitely disintegrate any doubts you had towards it.

Thank you for reading guys and gals!  

For more about iPhone 11 leaks and triple lens rumors, check out this link.

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