TOP 10 Reasons Why NOT To Buy The iPhone X

Here are some reasons why not to buy it.

I know it is a great phone as well but there are a few issues with it.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m happy this design came to light but it needs improvement.

Let’s talk about the drawbacks

So first off it is a new generation iPhone, yes it is the iPhone X(10) but it is said it will lead this design for the next 10 generations.

Mostly because of a new:

  • display
  • new design

If we go back to the iPhone 4 it had the antenna gades and the iPhone 6 the bend gade.

But with every major shift in design, there will be issues, and it’s always goof to wait.


This is for me the number one reason why not to buy it.

And by buying it that tells Apple that it’s okay, which is really not.

And paying an extra $150 just to go from 64GB to 256GB.

4K Videos with only 64GB

This is also an issue if you want games, tons of videos, photos and etc. on your device it will be full really quickly.

The Notch 

This thing Apple has made has brought upon a lot of backlash for many people.

From a Plus iPhone to this notch it really changes the experience for gaming and videos.


why not by the iPhone X
Samsung Galaxy s8 vs iPhone X Display Brightness


Compared to some other high-end phones the display does not have that same effect and brightness.

With Samsung Galaxy s8 the brightness is much better than on the iPhone X.





Face ID 

Almost all of us miss the touch ID feature. And with iPhones new Face ID not the greatest yet it might come to an issue for most users.

  • not as fast as Touch ID

Forcing to buy things for it

Forced to buy if you want it

  • fast charging
  • an adapter to plug into your MAC

That is all on this and thank you for reading my blog.

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