Under $50 Tech For December 2018

This will be the best tech under $50 for the whole year of 2018.

Under $50 Tech List

First up on this list coming at:

10. Satechi Monitor Stand

Now what’s cool about this is that it has a built-in USB HUB, headphone jack and as well a microphone jack.

With the 4 USB ports, you can transfer data and plugin a flash disk or a hard drive.

You can use it with a laptop, monitor or anything that goes up to 22 pounds or 10kg.

I think its a cool feature to have in your home as it clears the clutter on your desktop and you can store anything underneath.

It comes under $40 in black and white colors.

Under $50 tech

9. Led Smart Lamp

This product is just fantastic because it has a built-in wireless charger and USBs.

It could be another great addition to your desk or maybe your nightstand.

The base has options to change the color of the light also an option to shut itself automatically after an hour or two.

Worth $40 it is a very popular item recently.

8. PowerCore Fusion 5000

The battery bank has been selling very good!

Made by Anker it’s also a home charging HUB.

The name says everything it has a 5000mAh battery.

It comes in:

  • Red
  • Black and
  • White

Using it as a power bank when you’re on a trip or using it at home as a charger.

Can get out of it 2 full charges.

At only $25 its a great deal.

7.  Sunrise Alarm Clock

This item is much more than your standard clock.

The clock has a nice mood that you can pick a color around it.

The best feature of it is the sunrise and the sunset option which by what it got its name.

A half hour before your alarm clock goes off the alarm clock slowly emulates the lighting of a sunrise.

The blue lamp starts off dim and gets brighter like the sun to help your body for a more natural awakening.

The same feature goes for the sunset at night.

It has the same buttons on top as a regular clock and a built-in radio.

The screen is a touchscreen for setting the alarm, changing the time and adjust the brightness.

Under $50 tech

For $25 it is a good idea for a gift.

6. SybaSonic AMP/DAC

Using it for your laptop or pc for your onboard sound and plugging it in gives you a major boost and trust you’ll be thrilled.

So it enhances the overall quality of the audio giving you a boost and a volume control at the same time.

To connect it you have your mini USB port, CoAxial, Optical and your left and right for your RCA cables.

On the front, you’ve got a recorder inch jack, a 3.5mm headphone, and microphone jack. An additional line out jack.

It has a price tag of $40.

5. Windows 10 Activation Key

Instead of paying $100 dollars its only like $14 and it is legit. I wouldn’t be showing it off if it wasn’t.

It works with it and also the site is great with other keys for games and etc.

4. Headphone Hanger/HUB

This item lets you hand two headphones and charge 3 devices at the same time.

I tried two heavy headphones and it held up just fine.

If you have only one pair of headphones you can use the other side to hold your cables.

It goes around for $35.

3. LCD 5″ Monitor

A personal favorite is this 5″ LCD Monitor that you can use with anything using HDMI and its powered by a MicroUSB cable.

These are meant for being used for screens for raspberry pi but you can use it with your laptop, desktop or anything.

You can use it as a secondary display or duplicate your main screen.

In the box, you get a stylus because it is a touchscreen display only if you use it with a raspberry pi.

The resolution is only 480×800 resolution but on this screen, it looks good.

Under $50 tech

For $35 and everything you can do with this, it’s an amazing deal.

2. Wireless TouchPad

This 5.5r” wireless touchpad, remote and keyboard is great for your Smart TV, Home Theather PC, XBOX, Playstation and etc.

It’s both a touch screen and a keyboard.

On the right, you have the volume rocker and power switch.

The bottom stores the left and right mouse clicks in the middle and on the right a switch for the keyboard and mouse touchpad.

Indeed it’s backlit so no troubles in the dark.

It includes gestures on it just like on an iPad.

Very convenient and saves a lot of time and its only $25.

1. YMDK Key Caps

Last but not least because it is number one and the top selling product of 2018 is the Keyboard Caps.

It includes various colors and is a great way to make your keyboard and desktop look cooler.

Under $50 tech

At $23 only!

Those are my top choices for the best under $50 tech 2018!!

If you have more Under $50 tech, share please share them in the comments below!

Thank you for reading everyone. 

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