Upcoming Smartphones of 2019

I have a full list of very good upcoming smartphones of 2019.

I haven’t added them all in here today but let’s get right into this!

Upcoming Smartphones of 2019

First up on my list is:

Nokia 9 Pureview 

It’s been a long time since I’ve been excited about a Nokia smartphone.

The company has cleaned up their act with recent devices.

So far while they’re making good phones Nokia is playing it safe.

But with the 9 Pureview, everything changes.

Various renders showcase a Penta camera setup.

Upcoming Smartphones in 2019

Five cameras just on the back of the phone.

We do know from the Galaxy A9 that camera quantity does not acquaint to camera quality.

But we could grant it will five flexibility o[tions to take really wide angle shots or zoom in further than past devices.

Also close to stock software is pretty likely and to be honest recent Nokia products I’ve used have been really well built.

The phone has been talked about a lot and the possible release dates are:

  • February 2019
  • December 5th

Pocophone F2

This phone doesn’t need much of an introduction or even an explanation.

The F1 was at $300 and having specs of some flagship phones I do believe the price might go to $400 for the F2.

We’re looking at a SnapDragon 855, 8GB RAM and a 4000+mAh battery.

This kind of specs could peak or even surpass the performance of the iPhone XS Max.

I don’t think much of the design will change but there is a rumor that the company will ditch the IR Face Unlocking on the front.

That means they can trim down the size of the notch.

Samsung Galaxy Flex

Its official Samsung’s foldable phone is very much on its way.

Upcoming Smartphones 2019

In the photo above is most likely a prototype it got one big display on the inside but also a single smaller display.

Upcoming Smartphones in 2019

I don’t see myself using this on a daily because a foldable phone introduces other problems with only its benefits when folding out.

But it’s exciting because it’s new and we’re entering new unexplored territory.

It could have two people watching different movies, great multitasking and many other things we weren’t expecting.

Huawei P30 Pro

Its one of the most exciting ones yet.

We’re most likely to see features like on the mate 20 Pro.

That’s stuff like:

  • reverse wireless charging
  •  Ultra-Wide Camera Lens
  • 40W Huawei Supercharging

Now we have 3 cameras imagine 4 next year.

The Boss of Huawei has stated that the company is unhappy with only 5x zoom and want to create 10x.

Upcoming Smartphones in 2019

Since they will be adding a 4th camera they will add a second flash to keep the camera module rectangular.

Not to mention to light up your face more evenly.

The only downside to this phone is that it will be powered by the Kirin 980 which is specialized for AI tasks but in terms of raw CPU and GPU power it looks like it will fall behind the Qualcomm and Exynos.

Probably no 5G since it hasn’t been developed in the chip and Huawei is having a tough time selling in the US markets.

In the US in 2019 will get 5G coverage in most areas.

Samsung Galaxy S10

This one is the best probably for me.

The phone will get these key features:

  • a larger display without a notch but rather with a small circular cut out they call Infinity-O
  • New Exynos 9820 Chip which will bring new slow-motion capabilities and faster performances

I hope we see night mode.

Those are some of the future phones and I haven’t added them all but I might in the next blog.

I’m very excited about the upcoming smartphones of 2019!

Also, these upcoming smartphones of 2019 should make us more excited than ever!

Check out this blog on a more in-depth review of the Samsung Galaxy s10.

Thanks for reading.

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