What’s new in iOS 11.3.1 Released!

What’s new in this new Apple software update?

So what’s new in iOS 11.3.1 you may wonder, well I will shortly break it all down here for you guys and review it here.

This is before iOS 11.4 and it’s a crucial bug fix.

So if you or someone else has installed a 3rd party screen on their device not created by Apple may be experiencing some issues.

What are the issues?

And these issues include your Apple device lagging and being greatly unresponsive to the touch.

  • iPhone not turning on
  • the screen overheating
  • unresponsive
  • laggy

And about this issue, there was a very big outcry and depend from Apple to fix this issue for someone who may not be able to afford a screen directly from Apple.

Many couldn’t afford Apples OIM Screen so there used 3rd party screens and after updating to iOS 11.3 their phones suddenly aren’t working or aren’t working the same as they did before.

So with iOS 11.3.1, Apple has fixed this crucial problem.

It’s true that a 3rd party screen will never be the same as the original OIM screen by Apple.

But as said earlier they have fixed:

  • the responsiveness
  • overheating

Also, Apple has put a scathing look onto this update, basically saying they don’t want you to be using 3rd party screens.

Hence if you must use a 3rd party screen now it will be better.

what's new in iOS and fixes
iOS 11.3.1 official message

And also I’ve heard that even users with older devices had this same issue.

This is also the second time Apple has had this issue with 3rd party screens not working properly to new software updates.

Another thing about this update is that it does include some bug fixes and patches. I haven’t personally discovered any of time.

Might be some little things underneath that Apple has fixed.

Some movement and speculations on jailbreaks on iOS 11.3 that Apple seems on trying to prevent from happening.

Performance wise haven’t changed much for users with Apples OIM Displays, but of course for the users with 3rd party screens a big improvement.

That’s all for now, everything new I’ll review here.

Thank you for visiting my blog!

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